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Terran release date set!

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Galactic Strategy | Tactics | Action!

Heathen Engineering's Terran release and post-release plans announced

Terran header

10 March, 2019 - Galactic Strategy | Tactics | Action! Terran will be released on 21 March 2019. Forge an empire and shape the galaxy in Heathen Engineering's Terran.

In Terran you will command massive fleets in interstellar conflicts and pilot powerful warships as you battle for control of valuable resources. Terran combines grand strategy on a galactic scale with real time strategy and 3rd person space shooter action in fleet combat. You will develop worlds across far flung systems and research advanced technologies to fuel your growing empire as you struggle for galactic domination.

Choose your empire's structure from Government, Corporation or Armada each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Select a Gar capital ship granting you unique and powerful abilities. Expand your reach across thousands of star systems improving planets to boost your economy, industry and research potential. Unlock and advance a wide range of technologies to gain the upper hand and dominate your opposition.

Availability and System Requirements

Heathen Engineering's Terran is available now in Early Access on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux with its full release announced for 21 March 2019. Requiring Windows 7+ (or comparable Mac or Linux OS) with Graphics Card supporting Shader Model 4 (most all of them for the past few years).

More information Terran and its upcoming content patches can be found at Keep up with Terran's latest development news on the Terran roadmap at

Press Kit

The Terran press kit with images and videos can be found at

Contact information for Heathen Engineering is available in the press kit and on

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