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Patch Notes 1102


Patch 1102 is available for PC, Mac and Linux with a host of system and gameplay improvements with more to come. Terran may be released but that doesn’t mean we have stopped listening. Many of the adjustments you’ll find in this patch were inspired by your feedback.

Key Updates:

  • Research requirements have been adjusted giving you access to Dust and Rock worlds from the start as well as the Battlecruiser.

  • Station mechanics have been changed and will no longer force an attack. Stations now slow and damage hostile fleet elements over time giving defenders more time to react.

  • Sight has been changed such that you now require line of sight to see enemy fleet elements and system detail.

  • Warships now have a missile barrage (used in combat), missiles apply area damage and are most effective against clustered formations.

Additional Notes:

  • General performance improvements have been applied to several sub-systems involved with the galaxy map. This should notably improve performance in late game.

  • Added a notification when it has been 5min since with no active research task. This is to help remind players they aren’t currently researching anything.

  • Dust, Rock and Battlecruiser technologies no longer require initial research. These technologies will be available for use and upgrade from the start. This change is retroactive and will apply to existing saves.

  • Added links and UI elements directing players to the Terran Walkthrough play list from the tutorial screen and menu

  • You can no longer build space stations if you have insufficient credits and resources to do so.

  • Corrected issues with the in-game tutorial not accurately highlighting areas of interest in the system panel

  • The minimal ship count for the Fleet Editor window will now update based on the number of ship types you have added to the fleet

  • Star systems can no longer be colonized unless you have direct line of sight from a ship, station or star system.

  • Issues with Music and UI sound effects have been corrected.

  • Warship damage output has been increased with the addition of missile barrages. Missiles apply an area of effect damage type on impact and are most effective against tightly clustered ships.

  • Gar ships have new attack patterns in combat

  • Adjusted the frequency of damage effects on structures and Gar when in combat

  • Adjust the base armour and shield strength of Gar

  • The intro window displayed at the start of a new session has been updated to explicitly state the object, ‘Conquest’ and to describe the objective.

  • Station mechanics have been changed and now apply a snare and damage over time effect to hostile ships within its range. This change also applies to citadel systems

  • Enemy fleets and system information now requires direct line of sight, enemy influence area is still available without direct line of sight.

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