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Most Terran have little to no effect on the peoples of the galaxy, living their lives in the expanse between the stars. A few Terran however take a more active role in the goings on of the mundane races. These Terran Apply their considerable technology and space faring expertise to the needs of planet bound peoples in exchange for resource, research capacity and galactic influence.


Commonly referred to a ‘Organizations’ these Terran lead collectives can be grouped into three common types; Government, Corporation and Armada. Each variant of organization has its own unique approach, resulting in different strengths and weaknesses but all ultimately have the same goal, that of expanding capacity and influence across the galaxy.


The organization type you choose will affect most aspects of the game. The ratio of outputs from improved worlds, the size and growth rate of populations, maintenance costs of stations and fleets and even the technologies available to research are all impacted by this choice.

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