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Early Access

Terran is available in Steam Early Access now!

Heathen Engineering’s Terran was released into early access early in its development on March 21st 2016. The objective of the early access was to engage gamers in the active development of the game and has had great impact on key design features and the implementation approach taken.


Terran’s Early Access was initially planned for one to two years; to be divided into three phases escalating from early production to the completion of the full game. Key critical feedback helped the Terran team identify early and resolve issues with design and technical; and planned features where able to evolve and mature. Early access has run longer than anticipated but has proven key to Terran’s lifecycle.


Terran’s current state is in the third and final phase of early access. The end of early access and transition into release marks the start of the ‘Stable Build’ but not the end of development. Post release will see continuous feedback driven updates as well as both free and paid content expansion. Terran is the game we; Heathen want to play and want to share with you. Join us as we expand our reach across the galaxy and conquer the stars.  

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