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Choosing an Organization


At the start of a new game you will be presented with the Profile Editor, here you can configure your organization logo, name, galaxy settings and importantly your organization type.


Corporation type organizations excel in matters of trade and commerce. Lower maintenance cost and greater credit and resource production are just the start of it. Over time Corporations can greatly increase the tax yield of colony worlds and mitigate much of the administration cost of managing a large empire.


Government type organizations focus on the society and social development. Rapid influence gain, large colony population and therefore the ability to field larger fleets earlier are just a few of the advantages to government-based organizations.


Armada type organizations are fleet based and more than any other excel at the deployment and management of large well-organized combat fleets. Armada organization gain earlier access to advanced ship classes have an easier time managing many large fleets. Armada organizations are also able to populate outposts such as Trade, Industry and Science outposts where Corporation and Government are only able to tax populations living in colonies.

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