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Gar are massive ornate ships and are unlike anything else in the galaxy. These symbols of Terran lineage and power can be both beautiful and terrible. As formidable ships of war a Gar is easily the match for a large battle station and can host a considerable fleet of smaller more common warships to bolster its presence. Serving as the physical manifestation of the Terran commander’s will these great ships are capable of feats beyond the comprehension of lesser beings.


At the start of a new game you will choose your Gar. Each Gar includes a set of five unique abilities and upgradable technologies that can be used to further improve your Gar’s active and passive abilities. During gameplay your Gar represents you, as such loss of this special unit results in defeat and the end of the game. Aside form its unique abilities the Gar unit functions much like any other fleet element and can be positioned on the map freely and may engage enemy fleets and stations in space combat.

The Gar



Ride of the Valkyr

Deploy the Valkyr and convert the target system to your ways.

This cannot target citadel systems.



Enlightenment of Athens

The legacy of enlightenment accelerates your research efforts.




Degrades enemy ships, stations and people within range of the ship.

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