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Terran takes place in the Milky Way galaxy far in the future; in the year RE 2172. In this age humanity is extinct succeeded by the Terran they became. Terran are a hybrid of organic and inorganic life, possessing the strengths and weaknesses of both natural and artificial beings. The many centuries of war and prejudice between the Terran tribes sets Terran kind much like its ancestors; a diverse tapestry of factions, creeds and ideals. The unique nature of the Terran leaves them separate from both the organic and artificial galactic communities.

Terran kind’s history has shaped them to be vastly superior to all other species in the arts of war and mastery of space. Most of Terran kind lives unseen and unknown in the vast expanse of void between the stars. A few ambitious Terran form organizations to cultivate the countless star systems of the Milkyway, lending their technology and powerful fleets to better the lives of the mundain masses in exchange for greater influence over the galaxy at large and of course resources to fuel further expansion.


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Conquest is the campaign mode of Terran and takes place in the Milky Way galaxy. Your objective in this mode is to spread your organization's influence across the galaxy for total domination of the Milky Way.


You can start a new conquest session by pressing the New Game button on the title screen. The Continue button will continue the last played session if any, if none this option is hidden. The Load Save button displays the conquest save files available to you and allows you to load and play previous saves.


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Skirmish is the battle mode of Terran and pits the player against a configurable enemy fleet in a single battle. During configuration you can define yours and your opponent’s fleet structure, enable stations and citadels and control the relative difficulty of the enemy fleet.


You can start a new skirmish session by pressing the Skirmish button on the title screen. A configuration view will display allowing you to configure and start a battle.


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